Purple LED Shoes

It’s Time For Your Feet To Light Up

LED shoes is old news right? Nope, not any more. With the LED shoes market expanding and growing and taking its place in the wardrobes of the youngsters of America, they are coming up with new designs and innovations. You must have seen the light up shoes with LED lights in the soles, that glow…

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Man And Woman In Office Attire

Beauty, Does It Increase Your Career Prospects?

You might think that beauty is only something you have to worry about in the fashion industry, but studies suggest your appearance can affect your employability. And this is crazy given that we live in a world that ‘supposedly’ doesn’t judge, but embraces all forms of beauty and even encourages you to be happy with…

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2019 Fashion Styles

Popular fashion styles for 2019

Now that you have firmly set your sights on the rest of this year you can decide if you want to be part of the fashion trends. There are quite interesting fashion trends this 2019 and their popularity is not waning any time soon. We see them in runways, with celebrities and the everyday working…

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