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Engagement: Special Day Special Occasion, Don’t Hesitate To Go With Colored Gemstone

Love is the most beautiful creation of the God. We meet people in our life via destiny, spend some time to know each other and then one day decide to get married and live together for the whole of life. Getting engaged is the first step to start a new journey of life. People are always excited to select their engagement ring so that they can make this day more memorable. Most of the people in the world love diamonds that is absolutely fair since this gemstone is the most beautiful, elegant, sober and well deserving for the special occasion. But today we will talk about other gemstones, we have heard their names in our life but never thought they can also become a great choice for the special day like engagement. Let’s figure out which one are the gemstone other then diamond which will fit as an engagement ring.

Love for blue then why not Sapphire gemstone

Sapphire is the symbol of royalty as it is the most favorite gemstone among the royal family members of Britain. This gemstone always hits the fashion trends because of its classy look. The blue color is further categorized as royal blue, navy blue and midnight blue. It will be a great choice to have an engagement ring which is made from Sapphire gemstone.

Sapphire engagement ring

Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, princess Diana are some famous personalities who choose Sapphire as their engagement ring.

Opal: vivid range of colors

Opal engagement ring

Opal comes with lots and lots of color options, it is mostly found in Australia. The color formation among opal gemstones is similar to the rainbow color bright, refreshing and energetic. An engagement ring made from opal will be a great choice for those who love to add variety in their life style. Yes it is true that this gemstone is little bit delicate from the rest of the gemstones but a small care is enough to maintain the real beauty of opals.

Garnet: Red the symbol of love

Garnet engagement ring

Garnet gemstone looks like pomegranate seed. This gemstone has a timeless beauty as this gemstone doesn’t get faded with the passage of time. Mostly it is related to as a symbol of love because of its sparkling red color appearance. A big heart shape ring will be a stunning option for the special occasion.

Pearl an elegant look

Girls always show their interest towards diamond. In that scenario if someone suggests them a pearl for an engagement ring they will never get ready, but if we look at in termsof quality of the pearl then this can be a great option and reason to be an engagement ring.

Pearl engagement ring

Pearl is one of the elegant gemstones when we look into its history it is a symbol of purity and innocence. This stone is also known as a symbol of sincerity because of its healthy features it makes this gemstone as a great choice for engagement.

Huge fan of black then Onyx is meant for you

Onyx is a beautiful mineral that comes in a variety of colors but it is most commonly found in its black form for fine jewellery. So the young ladies who love black color madly can go with Onyx gemstone.

Onyx Ring

Apart from its color there are lots of things which make this gemstone a perfect choice for engagement ring like it has a tendency to reflect all sorts of negative energy and encourage physical wellness.

So think differently while going to select the engagement ring. Give space to other gemstone and enjoy their beauty. You don’t have to stop there as well. You can also mix in some other pieces such as Sanskrit jewelry.

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Christian Winder has been associated with Australian Opal Direct for the past couple of years; he has been providing tips and advice to people looking to buy Jewelry and watches accessories. Apart from that Christian writes about various topics related fashion and trends.

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