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How To Find The Best Lash Salon Near You

Not too sure where to get a new set of lash extensions? Well, some of the best lash salons near you need to have positive reviews, a lot of pictures, and certified staff. Before getting into the article, ask yourself are you willing to commit? If you don’t mind spending some time, doing proper research, and investing in your lashes, then this article is for you!

Find The Best Lash Salon By Following These 6 Steps

1. Research

Do your online research before you head out to the salon. Go on Google and choose nearby beauty places on Google maps. All of your closest locations will pop right on your screen. You will be able to tell whether these places are still running, you will see their working hours, as well as a phone number. Mark some of these before proceeding onto the next investigation step.

2. Reviews

Your chosen salon should have a lot of positive reviews. Besides this, make sure you scroll through their page to scout for some pictures. Ask yourself whether you like their work and if this is something that you need. Also, your chosen salon should have a website page, a Facebook page, Yelp reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, as well as Instagram. The more they are spread out, the more they will post, which means that they show off their work a lot more. These web pages should have a lot of clients’ response, their thoughts and a bunch of pictures. This investigation process will help you narrow down your choice from all of previously suggested Google salons.

3. Your Style

Once you book your appointment and you get to your salon make yourself comfortable. Also, be ready to talk the process through with the lash esthetician. They will offer you several different types, and they will explain you the difference between silk, mink, or classic lash extensions. Make sure you know your style and what to go for. If not, ask the lash specialist what they think would look good on you. Either way don’t be shy or quiet about it, and you will have a customized and beautiful outcome. Also, you can bring some pictures with you and show them what you’d like to look like in the end.

4. Different Prices

Every salon will give you different prices. This depends on your place of living, your estheticians’ experience, and your countries standards. However, every salon is different in terms of quality and their work. If possible, avoid those places that are poorly rated, and avoid any ‘special’ type of deals, such as bring in your friend and get the second set of extensions for free. Anything that is fishy or unusual should be a big no-no for you, and you should avoid it. Make sure your chosen place suits your budget and only then proceed with further.

5. Environment

The most important part is the aesthetics of the salon. If it is adequately equipped, your chosen lash spa should have the following:

1. Amazing bright lighting

2. Clean and sterilized equipment

3. Professional gloves as well as a face mask

4. A comfortable table for you to lay on

5. A humidity controller

6. At least 2 workers

You will be satisfied if these requests are fulfilled. Why? Well, a lash specialist will need good lighting to achieve precise application.

They will also need sterile equipment since this way you will avoid any infections. Their gloves and face masks will help them with this, and they will prevent breathing or severe direct skin contact with you thanks to these tools.

Of course, a massage table is crucial since you will need to lay down during the process, and not sit.

A humidity controller will help the glue to work and for your lashes to set. The adhesive mostly sets down around 23 degrees of Celsius.

Lastly, if they are a busy salon they should have at least 2-3 workers working for them. Another worker should answer the phone calls and book other clients while your lash specialist works on you. This is crucial since you don’t want your lash esthetician to take breaks and not pay full attention to you.

6. High-Maintenance

In the end, the most important factor is your lash maintenance. Sure, you will need to put some thought and effort after you get your extensions. You will need to avoid high sun and water exposure, and you will need to use oil-free makeup removers. Besides this, a good lash esthetician will tell you to avoid mascaras and lash curlers. If you obey these simple rules you will get your money’s worth because a proper lash application can last for 3-5 weeks. If your lashes end up lasting shorter than this, it means that you’ve went with a wrong specialist, or that you did not obey the rules that they’ve explained to you regarding maintenance.

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