Purple LED Shoes

It’s Time For Your Feet To Light Up

LED shoes is old news right? Nope, not any more.

With the LED shoes market expanding and growing and taking its place in the wardrobes of the youngsters of America, they are coming up with new designs and innovations.

You must have seen the light up shoes with LED lights in the soles, that glow with a variety of colors and make you the center of all attention… but have you seen the new LED shoes in which the fabric of the shoe upper lights up?

New Fiber Optic LED shoes

That’s true with the new fiber optic uppers, the entire shoe lights up and it looks quite stunning. When I saw them, my first thought was that if it is combined with LED soles and LED shoelaces, we can have a full-fledged light show at our feet.

Jokes apart the trend of LED enhanced fashion has actually caught up across the world. We now have LED hoodies, LED sunglasses, LED t-shirts and of course the increasingly popular LED shoes.

You may think that LED shoes are a great way to up your fashion quotient, but they also have other benefits. If you are into walking or running at night then LED shoes are a very good way of staying safe, since they make you visible even in darkness, and oncoming cars and vehicles will be able to see you from a distance.

Also, along with full fledged LED shoes, you also have LED shoe clips that can be clipped on to any shoe and will do the job of keeping your feet lit up and visible when you run at night.

Dancing with LED shoes

We are talking about walking and running, but another very popular activity with LED shoes is dancing. There are entire dance troupes who wear LED shoes and perform stunning dance routines. There are also some very specialised dancing LED shoes which are sound sensitive, and their LED bulbs light up to the beats of music. These are also programmable with smartphones.

While the regular LED shoes range anywhere from $20 to $60, the programmable or sound sensitive LED shoes can cost upwards of $200. Talking about price, the original LED shoes that were developed by the brand ‘Simulation’, created by Samuel Yang and Yifang Wan, were priced around $700. Today the cheapest LED shoes are as low as under $20.

Coming back to fiber optic LED shoes, these shoes look absolutely fabulous, and usually have 7 different colors in which they light up. They also have three lighting modes, of either blinking, solid or a combination of colors. Since the fiber optic shoes have gained so much popularity, it was only natural that this technological wonder of fiber optic should expand into other fashion items. That is why today you can easily buy yourself fiber optic glowing hoodies, jackets, dresses, bedsheets, pillows, costumes and what not.

Celebrities in LED shoes

And just to let you know, it is not just people like you and me who are into LED shoes, tons of celebrities are sporting them, especially singers who seem to absolutely love them. They wear these hoes during performances and when they party. A few celebrities who have been seen in LED light up shoes are Katy Perry, Hillary Duff, Lily Allen and Jason Derulo. There are ton of other celebrities who wear and love LED light up shoes.

A little care while buying

The only downside of LED shoes is that every once in a while you may get a pair that doesn’t work very well or has a defect. The reason is that these shoes are mostly China made. Another little problem that arises because of these shoes being China made, is that your shoes sizes are different from US shoe sizes and this can cause some sizing issues. Though all the shoes and the online stores have detailed shoes size charts, still sometimes the sizes go wrong.

However, there is a very simple solution to avoid any of these problems. Simply buy from a reliable online store that offers you free returns in case there is a problem with the LED shoes. Clearly the best choice is going to be Amazon. Also, Amazon features a truly massive selection of LED shoes on their website. In fact, we feel that it is probably the best website out there to buy LED shoes from.

So, if after reading this article you feel that you too would like to get on to the LED shoes bandwagon, then just do a Google search right now on the ‘best LED shoes’, and you will get more than enough options to choose from, and online stores to buy from. Happy lighting up your feet!

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