Socialize and get into the daily drama

You won’t believe what happens when you go out meet people, meet businessmen, meet classy, beautiful young ladies.

What happens is you start to change your fashion style to mirror the style of those how you hang out with and admire

So if someone would really like to start attracting cool people in your life, that person MUST start to change they way they think now. If you have a strong enough why’s people will always find their own how. Where there is a will there is a way, period.

What people do not realise is that what we see in fashion magazines, on tv or at huge stores like H&M, Zahra and so on, these clothes might now fit well within your lifestyle, personality or body shape. There is so much fashion disasters you can go through before you start feeling demotivated

The key is to hire a personal shopper or a fashion designer to guide you and help you set your own style.

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