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The Art of Fashion Jewelry

For years, jewelry has been considered to be a collectible, an elite piece of complementary costume decoration, worn to enhance your gravitas. This definition saw a major shift since the beginning of the century and jewelry became a part of a woman’s day-to-day life. This was the emergence of ‘Fashion Jewelry’, which includes the daily wear accessories, ranging widely from casual to formal work wearables. It adds a sheen to your personality and brings out the most high-end presentability.

The fashion jewelry market is also on the rise and is releasing lucrative styles to upgrade your wardrobe of accessories. It has developed to the status of collectibles and strives to create your individual fashion statement. What makes them stand out from the other jewelry pieces, is that they can be an accentuating item, a complementary piece to your other accessories or simply a stand-alone jewelry for the entire wardrobe. You can always mix and match the fashion jewelry, experimenting and customizing your personal looks, on the go.

How did the art of fashion jewelry come in vogue?

Fashion jewelry was developed to satisfy the regular needs of women, and not essentially for the special occasions. This trend was the need of the hour and so, fashion jewelry caught the market by fire. They are generally considered to be inexpensive, in comparison with the precious gemstones and metals like platinum, gold and silver.

To coincide with your individuality, these jewelry vary from hair accessories to a wide range of body jewelry like bracelets, belly chains, anklets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and toe rings. It often boasts the exquisite setting of semi-precious stones such as crystals, rhinestones, glass, beads and pearls. For the metal component, they make a brilliant use of sterling silver, silver plating and gold plating. These elements together come to create beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry and make sure that the prices are affordable.

As the variety of choices expanded in a considerable budget, fashion jewelry slowly became the first preference for every woman who wishes to enhance her personality and stand out from the crowd.

Types of fashion jewelry

In our dynamic society, proper fashion sense holds a strong place as the personality determinant. Ranging from modern, trendy and eclectic to vintage and retro, these fashion themes are recurring in the style of fashion jewelry as well. There are various types of fashion jewelry available to explore in the market, like:

Beaded Earrings- These are the most common earrings which come under the fashion jewelry category. They are simple studs with the embellishment of semi-precious stones. Pearls are very commonly used and bring out the ultimate sophistication to your looks and goes well with contemporary dresses as well as light, designer couture.

Shoulder Dusters- One of the most elite fashion jewelry styles are shoulder dusters in which there are central ear studs and fabric dusters hang from them, creating a very funky yet elegant look. They are mostly adorned with ballroom dresses and trendy western outfits.

Hoops- The hoops are regularly used and easy to assemble pieces of fashion jewelry which can suit with all dress types and are available in varying sizes. Depending on the occasion, you can alter the size and let the classy style of hoops add sparks to your daily look.

Vintage Fashion Jewelry- Vintage is considered to be an evergreen classy trend which offers great options and a variety of dressing opportunities. They have a timeless quality which makes them extremely elegant and prestigious, thus separating their charm from the mass-produced jewelry items. They suit most of the dresses and ball outfits, along with regular denims and t-shirts.

Plastic Fashion Jewelry- They have become a huge rage in the market. They are extremely handy, very cheap and come in lots of shapes and sizes. Since they are made of plastic, they can be worn and disposed frequently, without being a burden on the pockets. The ease of material longevity also allows experimentation with the design and colours. The Plastic and Lucite bracelets are also available in bold colours and give a funky accent to your daily attires.

Mythical Characters- Daily wearable in the shape of dragons, mermaids and different other mythical characters are also in trend. There are portraits of saints, religious symbols and altars on pendants and necklaces. They are even worn as omens of good health and prosperity as rings and belly chains.

Each of these fancy jewelry styles are known for their uniqueness and have a great first look impact on everyone. These designs can provide you a sense of individuality and display your inner essence. Overall, fashion jewelry is all about taking the trending styles into consideration and molding them into who you are, for creating your distinct personality statement.

Who sets the trending fashion jewelry styles?

Exploring a genre of style through the trendsetters themselves is the best way of understanding the industry. Celebrities often seem to dictate the hottest vogues of the season and fashion jewelry industry is quick to pick up their styles and create mimics of lavish splendor. The most elite fashion jewelry collections, bought as collectibles, are replicas of jewelry pieces worn by the celebrities to different award shows and fashion walks. The realm of fashion jewelry is completely owned by jewelry items showcased in movies and television shows, as well. These set the benchmark for fashion jewelry and people choose what satisfies their personal taste, from the plethora of options available in the market.

Finding your unique style

Even though celebrities set a bar for adorning little fashion jewelry items, it is you who decides your own vibe. The real key to owning up to your jewelry is by making it a part of your personality. Be it a celebrity inspired collection or a vintage set, it should complement your style and aura. Always explore the trending collections and the styles with their matching wardrobe. Once you know the vogue of the season, assemble your preferred jewelry items in accordance to your couture and personality traits. This is the best way to adorn fashion jewelry and stand out from the crowd, inspiring all with your limitless enigmatic identify.

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