Top 6 Wedding Accessories For Men

If you want to nail it on your wedding day, you then need to work on more than just the staples
(shoes, hair, and suit) to bring style to the next level. While you could get away with good looks,
bringing in an arsenal of men’s items or accessories can help bring out or tailor the sensational
man you are. With the aid of an experienced and resourceful wedding planner (or designer), you
should be able to pull this up pretty well. Some of the top wedding accessories for men to consider
are discussed below.

1.Customized Cuff links
Having customized cufflinks for you and your groomsmen is an excellent and practical idea that
could make your wedding stand out from the rest. While regular cufflinks may be cliché, having
each pair of these cufflinks customized or engraved with the gents’ initials (or other marks) is a
sensible idea that could carry the day. Although most men aren’t too much into accessories, the
concept of customized high-quality cufflinks is a welcome idea for many.

2.Money Clip
Suppose you will be holding some emergency cash to help take care of….well, emergencies.
Having your bulky wallet around is not only discomforting but also seems too old-fashioned. A
silver money clip could however help sort the issue astonishingly well. The money clip is not only
lightweight but also adds a stylish and elegant feel to your look as well. Instead of carting your
wallet around, sport out the sterling silver money clip each time you have to fish out a few notes.

Instead of using the baby’s breath combo and dated red rose, go for a modern floral decoration for
your boutonniere. The best way to pull this is by joining your bride-to-be to her florist, then plan out
how her bouquet will work for the buttonhole. While the main idea is to look stylish in your
wedding attires, she will greatly appreciate the effort you made.

4.Tie Bar
Although a tiny accessory, a tie bar could make all the difference as it adds an understated polish
hint. Very few of your guests will have the hint as to what kept you composed and formal all
through the ceremony. It would however be advisable to go for a tie bar that complements with the
type of suite or wedding theme. The tie bar shouldn’t be easy to spot from afar either.

5.A Watch and Suspenders
Don’t go for just any watch; you need a luxurious timepiece to treat yourself with during the special
day. Although most men will go for the everyday scuffed-up watches, take some time to
window-shop for the right timepiece for the event. Even though you may not have the money for
designer watches, you can always rent or borrow one.

Suspenders should also be on your bucket list when shopping for wedding accessories as well.
Although these may be covered most of the time, you will need to ditch the serious stuff once it’s
time to hit the dance flow – this is where suspenders come into play. The suspenders give you a
livelier look when on the dance floor with your wife.

6. Tungsten rings

Tungsten rings have become increasingly popular all around the world. Being very durable and
sexy, these are very in demand right now from both male and females. Rose gold tungsten
wedding rings for male especially.

These are just but a few of the top accessories men should have for their weddings. Budgeting
and planning for these can make your wedding livelier and exciting.

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